Monday, September 12, 2011

the world is - because i am

i began 

my being

as an awakening  

of the union of two individual existence 

as a de- novo  independent entity 

with me i carried no baggage of karmic leftovers

and when i opened my eyes to the world

all i had was clean slate 

i grew up 

learning from the stimulus of euthenics environment 

as a tightrope walker between the blurring lines

of good and bad

of lies and truth 

of sin and virtue 

in the shades of grey in a polaroid world 

i found the difference  sometimes amusing 

and other times  intriguing 

there were no finite measures of fidelity

the verdict was subjective to perception parallax 

the world exists 

as an interwoven complex of contradictions 

god sees everyone as equal yet he will adjudge you... 

he is compassionate but being infidel is a sin

he is forgiving yet the flames of hell await you 

accumulate karmic dividends by acts of virtue

and you will reap their merit ad-infinitum 

sin and be born again as a lesser mortal 

to suffer the hangover of your act 

amorphous anthropogenic lies 

of action and reaction complexes 

cajoling, coercing , confusing...

the world is - because i am

relationships exist -because i acknowledge them 

responsibilities are- because i fulfill them 

there are gods- because i worship them 

not the other way around 

and i am because i have a conscious 

the conscious which was born 

of the union of two individual existence 

as a de- novo  independent entity 

my conscious 

is not the center of existence 

it is an iota in the  infinite vastness 

a negligible entity of existent energy 

energy which can neither be created not destroyed 

but will change form 

without accumulated karmic dividends 

without being adjudged

without suffering flames of hell 

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