Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Independence Day

the band strikes the chords of the National Anthem...
" जन  गण मन  , अधिनायक  जय  हे ...."
i wondered 
who are the Jan 
who are the gan
and who are adhinayak
" भारत   भाग्य  विधाता ,"
the doers of the Indian destiny 
the electorates
the elected 
the educated
the illiterate 
the majority
the minorities
" पंजाब  , सिंध , गुजरात  , मराठा ..."
Punjab is ailing with problem of plenty 
Sindh , well the only thing left of it is Sindhu Darshan
Gujrat is eclipsed with politico- communal violence 
and Maharashtra...
hush Raj Thakre may protest if he hears anything
" द्रविड़  उत्कल  बंग ..."
Ah the Red Corridor, 
the epicenter of labour of love
our tryst with destiny
the proud hear of  India
ailing with coronary thrombosis 
" विन्ध्य ,  हिमाँचल ,यमुना  गंग
उछल  जल  धितारंग ..."
Is it so
they spend millions of rupees on purification of these rivers
and recently a Sadhu died to create awareness to protect Ganga
and Yamuna 
i am confused whome it belongs to Uttranchal. UP , haryana , Delhi
India is out of question...
" जब  शुभ  नामे  जागे 
तब  शुभ  आशीष  मांगे  "
are we awake,
or still need to wake up
and of course 
we need blessings no matter where ever they come from
" गए  सब  जय  गाथा ,"
India is  Shining, 
but of course it is 
so what 60 % of us are below poverty line
we have a growing middle class
so what if people are hungry
food grains are rotting in FCI godown
so what if people are poor
plenty of money is stashed in swiss bank accounts
"जन  गण  ....मंगल  दायक  जय  हे
who is it 
The Government , well you know what is is
The Bureaucracy , you know what it is not...
and we have an Adarsh Army who refuses to age
"भारत  भाग्य  विधाता "
those in Parliament
or those in Jail
or those in streets who but can not influence their own destiny
जय  हे , जय  हे  , 
जय  जय   जय  जय  हे "
jai ho
let india be blessed within 52 seconds
with the most melodious national anthem in the world
but is it over
there is no Mention of Kashmir, and we have fought three and three quarters  of war for it
and Arunachal, for what we are daring China
and Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya , Mizoram, Tripura, Silkkim
how do we relate to these Indian Underdogs
i am being so naive 
how can they be there when Gurudev wrote this in the  Glory of the Royal crown
kudos to this nation
which lives in past glory
let the tricolor unfurl 
Happy Independence Day 

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