Monday, August 15, 2011 god...

within me
lies my god
the sum total of may belief
he gives no Commandments
he professes no Gospels
he neither claims to be the only one
he is no ones Father
he is no ones Son
he is no ones Prophet
he is mine
he smiles with me
he cries with me
and if need be so
he lies with me
he guides me through
whats right and wrong
when week i am
or i am strong
he bestows on me the light of reason
to contemplate the change of season
though solar cycles
and rotating earth
to find virtue
merit and worth
he sets me free
from rituals and rites
from religion text
and dogmatic bites
he makes me sort of
atheist in worldly view it be
but he stands with me always
and nothing matters more to me
i pray within, offer my soul
to seek insight for a better role
to bind together what i see as divine
alive conscious
yours and mine

1 comment:

  1. He doesn't have a name, a shape, a form . He is the guiding light within us . If only we could understand this ....this world would be a far better place for all . Very meaningful .