Sunday, August 07, 2011

i believe

neither in God,nor in Love

life becomes an anathema

if you bind it with rules and laws

to justify your existence

i was born free

of mutual faith of a free man and a free woman

who chose to bring me to the world

without any baggage of dogmatic belief

they taught me

Son be free

and respect others freedom

be free to choose your own God

and free to choose your Love

as i grew up i saw

my Gods and Love change

and often it so happened that

i pawned my freedom

for Love or God

to be deserted once and more again

God left me at the mercy of Love

and love deserted me to the mercy of God

and it was the human perseverance

that held on


is there any reason to trust either or

and enslave your being

thus i decided to be free

a free human who respects freedom


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