Monday, July 11, 2011

This too shall pass II


the life goes on


eclipsed with notions of nothingness

and paralysed hope

entombed in an hyperbola of fallacy


the time,

the time

it did not freeze

into abeyance

i heard it flow

in my heartbeats

with a leisurely pace of vengeance

rendered with some kind reassuring words

words of being alive

being alive without life

but i am not dead

and i am not a zombie

i breath, i smile , i sing

and i give birth

birth to some absurd poetry

my senses

tenacious senses

often jibe at me with stale humour

and i laugh

at myself

at myself because

someone told me not to cry over spilled milk

spilled milk

which curdled into my soul

as fast as pain can clot into a haemorrhage

and impregnated my veins

impregnated my veins with a murky belief

"This too shall pass."

and years

and years have passed.

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