Saturday, July 16, 2011


i am
an iota
of being
with creation and creator
as a free flowing entity
harmonized in crests and troughs
between mortality and metastate

i decay into existence
to be mollycoddled by material illusion
into an infinite eclips of lust for ephimeral joys
which blind and bind the soul
with cyclic consiquence
of critical consideration of ego centricity
i see myself as pivotal entity of creation
with existence satellite to my being
and it revolves around me
in a predicted pattern of fate

hyptonised by putrid power
it is where i err

inconsequential to the Gods
i redeem to consequential truth
of being a drop
which makes the ocean
i flow
freely with wind and waves
gaining merit and propogating it freelance
equally in all direction consitent to Pascal's law
i intigrate into an adiabatic system
of exponetial energetic interpolation
progreessing towads metastate of singularity

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