Thursday, May 21, 2009



I am a mortal
So imperfect
Filled with Desire, anger, jealousy
Wishes for material possession
Bound to belongings
True and false
And I seek God
As a fulfillment of my selfish deigns
Who give me wealth, power
I seek his blessings
For fueling my endless craving for more
I want all for myself
And want to share the spoils of my greatness
To those who abide my fancies
I do not tolerate descent
And my ego does not accepts defeat
It out of jealousy and rage
Turns my mind blind
And seeks revenge
I lie for material gains
I cheat
I hurt my fellow beings
I want to possess
Beg borrow steal snatch
… This is what I am
But is this what I meant to be?

When I look inwards,
I find myself so proud and shallow
Brimming with ego
“I am what I am, Love it or leave it.”
Shamelessly I have steamrolled
The emotion of others for my selfish gains
Of flesh and matter
I have never offered solace to a suffering soul
I have never helped someone in need
I have never made an effort
To harness the divine light
Into my soul
I have been a lesser mortal
All throughout
But is this what I am meant to be.

The Quest

The barren expanse spreads infinite
Brown and gray
The sun blazes
And saps the moisture
The vastness
Weather beaten and wind crafted desert

And in between somewhere I am
Seeking solace
Form the heat and thirst
On my knees
Inching ahead with a selfish prayer
For end to my miseries

“The World if full of suffering;
And suffering is caused by human desire.”

The more I desire to absolve my suffering
The deeper I find myself into the quagmire
My mortal virtues stand against me
And I am going nowhere
But running around in circles
In this Mirage

“The way to end suffering is to renounce the human desires,


Do I suffer?
When everything I see is an illusion
Of the human desires
Why do I feel the pain?
When this body is nothing but a perception
Why do I get hurt?
When all that belongs to me is my soul
Why am I jealous?
When nothing is mine
Why do I seek revenge?
When I can not forgive
Why do I seek belonging?
When I was born alone
Why do I seek gratification?
When I can not stand penance
Why do I lie?
When I can not speak the truth
Why do I seek to gain?
When I can not give….

I need to touch my soul closer
And become a part of it
I need to win over my vices
Of desire, ego, selfishness
And need to open my mind
To gain and give
I need to seek Knowledge
Towards betterment of human kind
I need to seek the light
The spreads enlightenment

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