Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I watch the time flow
As each moment of truth...Now
Gets converted into abstract… then
I see Quark, Electrons, Protons, and Atoms…
In a co dependent symphony
Arise into elements substance and sentential beings
I feel the algorithms that govern their co dependence
I feel the Gravitation… A need to collapse into a perfect sphere …”shunya”
The first law of inertia… the inherent want to resist change
Second law of mass and acceleration… the truth of time
And equal and opposite… action and reaction co dependence
I see the rectilinear propagation of light
And time
I see the cycles of birth and death
The Water cycle
The Carbon cycle
The Nitrogen cycle
What rises must recede
I feel the ecological succession in my bones
I was a part of so many innumerable cycles
And I must return to them


I am past present and future
All encompassed
Into eternity
I was
I am
I will be
The past appears as a smoke, dark and copious
And future, dull and bright, blinding fog
Both illusive perceptions
I have no way to surpass the time domain
And here I am
Weaving illusions of tomorrow
On the foundation of illusions of yesterday


I find myself suspended
In a time and space domain
Programmed by the nucleotide sequencing
To perceive heat, cold, wind and rain
Raveled in emotional quagmire
Which human bonding brings
To generate profuse suffering
Form straight and simple things
I was born
With nothing but my mind
And when shall I die
Only thoughts will remain
Then why so much of longing
And so much of pain
Ephemeral are the joys of world
Illusive and fake
A selfish co relation
Of give and take
The mind perceives truth
To its convenience
Relations metamorphose at ease
Catalysed by material consonants
What was looses niche
What is now …confuses
Desires multiply to grab the emptiness, what will be tomorrow
And in this labyrinth
The mind waves a matrix of have and have not’s
Juxtraimposed on desires
And the soul matter, the estranged essence of being
Is trapped into material entombment
And the mind succumbs and gets enslaved
To wants and desires
Generating never ending kaleidoscopic illusions


Mind works like a multithreaded processor
Calculating, manipulating a series of data
Under the guidance of a Well Defined Program
It generates chimeras
And guided by the senses
See, smell, taste, feel, and hear
it auto learns
To generate more mirage
As the five senses become profound
The sixth sense of soul dwindles
Till it hibernates within a shell
Awaiting resuscitation


What is and what is not?
See for yourself
All you have is a brief NOW
Which becomes THEN before you even realize it
It begins with the breath you inhale
And dies before you exhale

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  1. wow..that totally floored me.down to the depths of despair and the heights of emancipation ..you gifted soul