Friday, May 29, 2009

Permenence of Impermemence

Inside me, an ocean reverberates
Waves, eager to reach the shores
Oscillate into karmic harmonics
True and false rise in a cacophonous crescendo
Right and wrong amalgamate into comatose
Several thoughts take form
And fade away
And give rise to another
I breathe in
And breathe out
And another moment is lost
In the endless pursuit of a ephemeral sanity
I convince myself
And confuse myself
In simultaneity
Looking for constancy
To build up upon
Aware …that this too shall pass


All that is will not be… again
Things will change
Lives will change
People will change
Truth will change
Lies will change
In uneven cycles
The atom will become element
Element will become organic life
Bones with be inured
Flesh with be purged
New life will reborn
in continuum flux
This too shall pass

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