Sunday, April 12, 2009



Echoes confusion
And myriad interpretations
Are born and compete for
The vacuum of simple logic

If the sky is clear blue
Then can it rain
And if the night has set in
Will sun shine again

The prisms are useless objects
If there is no light to pass
Beauty for blind is chimera
And music for deaf is farce

There are no phony mindsets
Which decree a resolute mind
Samaritans can not be selfish
Selfish can not be kind
If the shades of grey are too many
You got to be colour blind.


Echoes in hollowness
Reverberates with the rigid walls of lowliness
And rises into a deafening crescendo
Mind spins and accelerates to infinite G forces
Viscera comes to the mouth
The brain starves for blood
As lungs asphyxiate
Tears roll down the cheeks
The heart beats loud and fast
Picking up pace with the paroxysma
Limbs tremble in an epileptic synchrony
Till everything come to a dead halt

No heartbeat
No suffocation
No G forces

Calm prevails
The time stands still in zero gravity
The mind gets numb
Pulses fade away
Heart hibernates
The breath slows down
And limbs loose the neuro-mortor control

And then silence
Picks up the beat again…

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