Friday, April 10, 2009

Butterflies in kaleidoscope

If ever were so sad,
That days and night ere equal bad
I would wait for onset of spring
And little happiness it does bring

Blossoms, countless flowers
Beauty Bounty for endless hours
Mellow sun and clear skies
And millions of those butterflies

Butterflies in different shape and size
Myriad than one can realize
Dancing singijung st merrymaking
Living their intent of life making

Like showers of rain
They come again
Tree to tree, Flower to flower
Each day and every hour
Spreading message of endless love
With no self interest above

They fill spring with joy abound
This can nowhere else be found

Children chase the butterflies
Passion beaming from their eyes
Catch one and hold in their hand
And let if fly again to its band
Joy of gain and joy of giving
In one moment the essence of living

Bubbly young hearts with energy abound
Are also to be found
Watching butterflies from tree to tree
Wondering how can it be
Dedication focus on a single thing
Can this little creature bring?
To work selflessly without expecting gain
Once twice then yet again

Those in love, see butterflies
From their beloved’s eyes
Joy of sharing an enthralling vision
Their soul’s raveled in unison
Abet spatial division

Broken hearted see through butterflies
Wonder in a world full of open lies
How can this creature rise above?
To epitomize selfless love

When the elderly look at butterflies
They have tears in their eyes
Memories of childhood chasing them
Memories of youth praising them
Time of just ignoring them
And moments of adoring them
The made them awe, they made them smile
They made them look through acrid lies
They were there at dawn of their lives
and now when they see dusky skies
Smile returns at the end
Butterflies have always been their friend

1 comment:

  1. This poem speaks of life in so many colours ; delicate, fragile, momentary and still so beautiful -
    Joy of gain and joy of giving
    In one moment the essence of living .
    Lovely lovely poem Skand . Thanks !!