Thursday, April 09, 2009

days in dark ( refreshed)

My life is like a broken chain
Of success sorrows passions pains
Of dreams falling sheer apart
And memories of those days in Dark…. (Days in Dark... para 1992)

links and links breaking and falling,
…dried up tears toiling
flood me over, drown me then
in deep abyss once again… (part II Written 1994 May)

a little hope, little sunshine
Vanished into divine
There are no dreams, there are no chains
Only sorrow and……… pain. (part 3…Written 1996 Dec)

The truth I found was lie rebound
Shouted with poise profound
Tears fading the brightest star
Groping once again in dark

The hope is shattered, love in tatters
The cancer pulsating for more blood
Its malignance threatening to strike again
And leave me alive with pain abound
Once twice and yet again….(added on 9 Apr 09)

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