Thursday, April 09, 2009


The shadows have grown taller beyond the curvature of the earth
The sky is scarlet, enflamed by deplorable sins
Gods have gone to dogs
Words have lost their meanings
Love stands naked raped by fate
Destiny is a Nymphomaniac bitch
My lips are smoldered by her acrid intent
Her saliva trickles down my neck like corrosive sublimate
I feel her tongue sting my being
Her fangs bite deep into my skin leaving hate marks of lust
My breath stinks of cigarette and caffeine
My hands exasperated by abrasive goose bumps on her skin
Tangled in the cobweb of her tresses
Her wetness sticks on my belly and moulds are devouring it
Her pornographic moans ricochet in my soul
Her eyes haunt me now and then
I beg to God for flames of hell

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