Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Boat (capsised)

I was a child, and thought about
Making a paper boat…
And set it sail on wings of hope
Across my virtual globe

A sheet of innocence
Was crafted in folds
To brave the storms at sea
With hull of determinations
And sails of hopes
She was too deer to me

One fine morning, when sun was warm
It took the to sail undaunted
With pride, grandeur and hope
Like I had wished and wanted…

The sea looked calm and clear
And the boat cruised on gust of friendly air
To envy of all in a direction
I new not will lead me where?

Then the first clouds appeared
And it rained in torrents
Gloom casted my horizons of hope
And when it cleared out
The boat was lost…

I saw it moored on other shore
Pitching with waves unknown
And sailing sometimes
Away from me

I wanted it back
And watched her from
My shores with hope and faith
With a strong belief in my heart
If it was mine and it will come back.

One brilliant morning
I found her back
Like it had never left

It appeared a little different…
The sails were strong
The hull was firmed
It looked unsinkable

And again we set to sail
In a voyage of dreams together
We knew we will hold
Be what may together.

Then the devil came
To challenge my faith on her
With a nail and hammer in hand
He implored to dill the hull and establish my belief
Believers are deceived
Not once but too often
By an old trick up devils sleeve

I found myself sinking deep in the bottomless ocean
With my boat close to me
In an assurance
We will survive this together
And then darkness engulfed me.

When I opened my eyes,
I reached out for my boat
She was no longer there...

I picked up what ever was left of it
Crushed crumbled bits of memories
And little hope
And pressed them forever In myself

Several mornings I woke up
To see her back again
I sat gazing horizons
Drenched in endless rain



Goes on
With or without
Those childhood displeased dreams
buried deep in my heart
rise up one moment in time
To remind of there existence as………. Desires! ( 1998)


an early autumn morn
Gave me a feeling long winters have gone.
The crimson leaves have turned green
The chill has mellowed warm
Tides are rising
Breeze inbound
My boat is coming home

And there she was,
Anchored to herself
Having weathered the high sea storms

The mast was high with pride unique
The hull firm and bold
Bow and deck bright and shining
Stern matured to gold.

The storms had carved a niche of sorrow
On chine below the waterline
And if you see with naïve eyes
Everything was fine

I was blissful to find her back
And sad to see her form
And felt criminal
To let her drift in a sea full of storms

She was kind and forgiving
Said no fault was mine
If something was wrong it was
The estrangeness of time

The bond between
Was always there
Albeit hard to describe
She had towed the hope
Of finding back
The fondness in my eyes

She has kept me close
To rudder and sail
And as each storm passed
Wished to see my lighthouse ranges
And beacon her back at last

No lights were there
And with time
Her belief grew stronger
One day she will find the shore
…it won’t be longer.

Me and my boat
Our little hopes and dream
Are bound to one
On course of separate destinies

Time has estranged us on mortal domain
But what lies beyond is ours
The sea is not our to sail together
But sky is ours to soar above mortality

We belong
And one day
When humans fail to describe our forms
We will be together


….The beginning of Part 4

Post Subscript

Boats are free spirits
They belong to no one
They create illusions of proximity

The challenge you to test the tide
On the oars of their belief
Then draw you out to worst of storms
And abandon you
At mercy of your destiny….

then it is all your battle to fend for your self
in the deep waters to live or die
frustrated to see the same boat
drifting casually away..ashore
to drown someone else.....

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