Thursday, April 09, 2009


I look at my fingertips
Still numb with pain
Of labour and of murder
I stand guilty of female feticide

She was killed by me
Before she was born
In an innocent passage
The pen is fatal then a sword

I loved her
So I wanted her to be reborn
As a blessing of absolute love
From a spiritual union of divine

I dreamt of her
In thousand colors of hope and shine
I felt it was just a matter of time
She will be born mine

But now
Spirituality is shredded
Divinity is dust
What I counted as blessings
Was blasphemy in disguise

She will not be born I know
But live as a part of me
And be with me as a shadow
In this quest to be free

A bid farewell to thee
Sweet unborn part of mine
I will miss you cries and smile
Those tiny feet of thine

I miss your growing up
Your rise to eternal fame
Your prose, your piano
Your verse, your art
Your sports and passions
Work and game

But through my words you will live forever.

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