Thursday, April 09, 2009


I died
Yesterday night
Wounded by the deceit

When my soul left my body,
I felt no pain
An eternal chill numbed my brain
I saw my self
Begging Samael for mercy
I saw my self grasping for breath
Struggling to be alive but dying

Then I felt the weightlessness
The burden of mortality was shed
My soul was free
I saw what remained of me
Lying calmly in peace wit the truth of life

Then I felt acceleration into the dark
And crashed headlong into a starburst of light
I saw nymphs bathing by the eternal spring
With an open invitation to consummate
I saw sinners being skinned
And their hides being transformed into the drum of death
Their bones were being carved into foghorns
Which were blown to remind the mortals the evil of sin
I saw sages in appeal to God
That forgiveness be an eternal part of divinity

I stood face to face to St Gabriel
In what seemed a courtroom
“Guilty or not guilty” He asked
Guilty I replied
An honest sinner, he smiled at me
I don’t know what to do with you
You sins will not let you in heaven
Your truth bars you room hell
So go back to mortality
And that will be your hell

I woke up from my slumber
And better I feel
The burden of death is over
When I died I was torn
My soul feels free of bondages of yore
And I feel Reborn
back again to mortal domain
to live the life once more.

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