Thursday, July 15, 2010

i the EGO

inwards i look
i am
the vessel of my ego
rules, laws,constitution... See more
societies, nations,civilizations
i make them
i break them
i am the one who questions the efficacy of system
people are starving
children are dying
the globe is warming
i add perplexity to the pandemonium
i make the crowd
i drive the mob
i devour the structure of social order
caste creed color sex
i mutilate creation
into narrow compartments of my selfish design
i obliterate legacy of belief
and divide in name God
i name my lust for power as religion
and dupe the novices
i exploit their faith to explode humanity
i in solitude of self
aspire to be GOD
the creator of destiny
of lesser mortals
i am a part of retro metamorphosis
of human into beast...

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