Wednesday, May 05, 2010

PART OG GOD (II) written on 26/11


Hindu God
Muslim God
God of Small Things
God of Nothing

Gods' Prophet,
Son of God
Myriad reflections of God

Believers God,
Unbeliever’s God
Fragmented GOD!

Right God?
Wrong God?
Contradictory God..!

God is compassion
God is tolerance
God is sacrifice
God is empathy
Beta version of God?

Those who died at Taj and Trident,
Those who died at CST,
The captors and captives
The killed, the killers
The survivors, the saviors
All are but a part of GOD.

Some will turn into ashes
Some will be eventually earth
Some will feed the vultures
but will reunite with God

A Human soul is a Part of God

But is God a part of Human soul?

( Painting: The Carnage at Taj by Sumita Acharya.)

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