Saturday, May 08, 2010

PART OF GOD IV ( Story of Old SEP 1990)

(Realization on a operation Table)

Is all I can here around me
Not even a gust of wind
To reassure me
I am alive
I look across, myself
And there is endless darkness
Not even a ray of hope
To convince me
I am alive

But I know I am not dead

I can here my heart beat
My mind is running into eddies of dismay
And eyes are wide ….shut
I see
The crimson
Circulating in the dialysis machine

I am not alive
I am not dead
I am a part of GOD.

The shadows are long
The Light is brighter
The white angles
Are sculpturing life
Into me
With scalpels
And sutures
I feel the scissors bite into my skin
The pain is reassuring
Drop by drop I see
Mixing into my blood
But my mouth is parched and dry
I feel all alone
But not lonely

I am not dead
I am not alive
I am a Part of GOD.

A needle runs across my skin
Like jabs of a boxer
Sharp and precise
The lights are dimmed
The shadows fade away
And pain is sedated

I am alive

I am a part of GOD.

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