Sunday, April 25, 2010

Revolution Within

I do not want to die here,
And lie buried in a cold grave
When I am done,
I want our children to know
Yes I was brave

I brood no fear and no remorse,
I am cold at heart as steel
I will cut; will slash the bones bare
No guilt will I ever feel

I want to set the critical mass,
And let the neutrons rain
Into the core of fissile me,
Implode to set the chain

I want to burn and rise up to sky,
As a mushroom cloud
I want to explode into deafness
With decibels loud

I want to melt into magma
And flow with molten heat
And char the path I leave behind
And resistance I meet

I want to melt the arctic ice
Arrest the global spin
I want to swallow the Sun some day
And let my belief win

I want to burn and streak the sky
With dazzle silver spark
And turn crimson the horizons
Before I contract dark

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