Sunday, April 05, 2009


The soul
Transience and naïve
Into portions of individuality
Cast shadows on faith
And invoke an offering to be cleansed
Of mortal bigotry
It purges its inapt hallucinations
On the alter of Gods
And raises a whirlpool of savage souls
The Demons and Dakinis
Set loose to devour
The gangrene of distrust
And the fabric of perceived infidelity

The soul,
One who stands tall
Face the wrath of scourge.

The alter is set
The offering is made
The deities and the demons
Are all lined up to claim their due
The soul will be shredded
By surgical dexterity
The dark will go to demons
The bright will amalgamate with Gods
And pristine will emerge

The essence of soul will be realized
And it will transcend time space domain
To confluence with the truth

All the Demons and Dakinis
Who feasted on the dark matter will slip into a slumber

“Om Tara Tuttatre Ture Swaha”

Or jotsunma Tara
I offer to thee my pure soul
Imbibe it into you
Make it a part of your design
Show it the way to destiny you have etched for it
Guide it across the deserts and snows
Make it fearless of wild beings
Devil, demons and dakinis
And dauntless of distraction in all forms
Give it tenacity to stand the hardships of time domain
Strength to sustain stress of mortal relationships
O Joutsunma!
Lead my soul to the purpose
You have crafted it for.

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