Thursday, April 29, 2010

Manipur Memoirs 2

O ! Children of ‘Sidaba Mapu’
Despondent be not
‘Panthobi’ will raise a storm
And it will rain gold
In land of ‘Sanamahi’...

‘Pankhaba’ is angry
His children has disdained him
As his blood flows down Imphal tureil
Oozing from thousand cuts on his soul
As brother kills brother
In lust of ephemeral power

The ‘lais’ are indifferent
cite them to life
by brotherhood congregation
stage ‘Lai Haraoba’ all across the land
be all Gods and Men be invoked
all ‘Apokpa’, ‘Yumajao Lias’
amalgamate into one

'Yaosurakpa' will rise to life
with him climb to ‘Cheiraoching’
assert unanimity
on pages of revived ‘Puyas’

‘Nongmaijing’ is smiling
Celeberate ‘Cheiraoba

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