Saturday, August 15, 2009

RINATA… rebirth

Little hands and tiny feet
Shiny eyes like pearl beads
In colors brown and green as much
Pink skin soft as feather touch
Silky hair brown and black
Lips tender as snow flakes

Little fingers dancing as magic wand
On her tiny purple hands
Tracing the notes of moonlight sonata
On the keys of a divine grand
Her cries so synchronized
With click of her fingers
Twinkle of eyes
And any one who takes a look
Stands be spelled and mesmerized

She born on a full moon night
And is as milky and bright
Her mother’s true reflection
Her Part of God
Her Salvation
A dream she is,
Seen with open eyes
The truth which has been realized

She brings with her joys abound
Brightness which was so hard to found
She is return of eternal spring
Such euphoria her touch brings
She is the rain
And rainbow again
Panacea for every pain
Child of felicity she blesses calm
Some mantra, a Bible Psalm
On bruised soul works as balm….

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