Friday, May 01, 2009

A Psalm for Salvation

Inside my hollowness resounds, the reverberation of ego
Against the selfish walls of hatred
The common I desire
Wants and longings, of small and simple things
To acquire
To gain
Ambitions of higher mortality…

I pray to thee
Tara, the mother of salvation
To set me free
From the wants and desires
Of breaths and heartbeats
Harmonize me mother
With the celestial rhythm of cosmos
The selfless circumambulations of the sun moon and the stars
Fill my mind with the wisdom of giving
And let thy blessing to me
Radiate for the bliss of fellow beings
Teach me, oh the divine tutor
To smile and suffer the consequences of my indomitable sins
Committed in conscious or unconscious
Let the ego in me burn and melt me
Then remold me as a blade of grass
So hungry animals can feed on me,
If need be I may be thatched on the roof of a homeless
As a protection for sun and rain
Or be burned as fuel to produce the flame of thy divine blessing
For the hungry souls
I pray to the,
Ma Tara
Absorb me into you
And set me free.

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