Wednesday, April 22, 2009

... a new dawn.

The morning sun percolated into my room
And lighted up what was dark
I woke up still in my slumber
And looked around

The room was in a mess
A thick coat of dust had eclipsed the windows
The cupboards were impregnated with cobwebs
The book shelves were colonized by silverfishes
The woolens were moth eaten
Seepage had drenched the wall
Termite trails were visible on half eaten doors
Mould grew in the corners and moss on the floor

I wonder
How Long I have been sleeping
And why

I woke up,
And opened the widows to let the fresh air come in
Then dusted my bookshelf where I found an old picture of mine
In monotone shades, But Smiling and happy
I looked outside the window
On the rotten leaves of fall, new flowers had blossom
A flotilla of butterflies entered my room
Dancing and merrymaking
I smiled
I cleaned the cobwebs from the cupboards
I mopped the floor
I burned the termite colonies and scared the silverfishes
I discarded the moth eaten woolens
And cleaned the walls from mould and moss

The seepage still remains
But my room looks nice
It has a fresh bunch of yellow daffodils in a flower vase
The cupboards have been lined
Curtains from Nippon embellish my windows
An Uzbek mural of medieval war covers the patches of seepage
And on my bookshelf Mossad rules the roost

The butterflies
Are welcome into my room
They bring life and happiness.

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