Sunday, April 05, 2009

and what else it is?

Shadows with no distinction
On the befallen oak leaves
Swept aside and burned
Produce an acrid smoke.

It suffocates with its copious character
And flows as voluminous tears
Sets a rattle of cacophonous cough
Triggering the mind to delirium

Sense sans sensibility
Madness less method

Am alone
An arms distance away from perceived happiness
Dazzled by dubious destiny

What I see is an illusion
Or what I perceive is chimera
I can make no choices
Suspended in stalemate of senses
Often what eyes see is not the truth
What heart observes is false

"Transparent moonless night
turbid sunlit day
Clarity of foggy morning
the gloomy sunshine"

Overturned rationales
Defied logic

straight circle
zig- zag lines
Somehow makes some sense
to someone

for else
it is
Juxtaposition of volatility

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